Set up by parents for a greener and happier Kenilworth

The St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School Cycle Bus was set up in 2019 and is Warwickshire’s first school cycle bus.

Set up by local parents Aurélie and Adam Tranter (who became the first Bicycle Mayor of a UK City in February 2020), the school cycle bus provides a safe environment for children to cycle to school in the absence of safe cycle infrastructure.

This website provides brief information on the bus as well as a guide on how to set up your own.

Cycling to school should be an option available to everybody. In the Netherlands, two-thirds of children under the age of 12 walk or cycle to school. Of secondary school children, 75% cycle to school! In most of Britain because of a lack of safe routes and infrastructure, numbers like these are currently unachievable.

Parents involved with the school cycle bus continue to campaign for safer school streets and infrastructure for cyclists, young and old.

The cycle bus in action

There’s no better way to travel to school and it’s great to see children from St Augustine’s School in Kenilworth showing others what is possible.

Sir Chris Hoy, 6x Olympic Champion

Approximately 17kg of Co2 is saved for drop off alone. This is assuming 20 diesel cars averaging 42.5mpg, for an average distance of 1.5 miles, total 60 miles travelled as parent does the return trip.

Marcus Stewart, Cycle Bus Parent and Principal Advisor Energy Strategy and Policy. National Grid Electricity System Operator.

Teaching your child to ride a bike is a highlight of parenting. But then bizarrely in the UK there is nowhere safe for children to actually ride their bike as a means of travel. Cycling should be a normal, safe travel option for all.

Aurélie Tranter, Cycle Bus Parent and Ride Leader.
The first St Augustine School Cycle Bus, 11 October 2019

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